All Major & Minor Surgical Operations

Minor surgery is any invasive operative procedure in which only skin or mucus membranes and connective tissue is resected e.g. vascular cut down for catheter placement, implanting pumps in subcutaneous tissue. Procedures in which the surgical field cannot be effectively disinfected, e.g. tooth extractions and gingival grafts, will generally be considered minor. This category also includes biopsy, an invasive operative procedure for procurement of tissue samples or body fluids using a needle or trocar.

Minor surgical procedures may be done in a laboratory setting using appropriate aseptic technique, including a clean work area, preparation and disinfection of the surgical site including clipping of the hair and surgical scrub of the skin, draping of the surgical site with sterile drapes, mask by the surgeon and any assistants working in the surgical field.

Physiotherapy:-Physical therapy (or Physiotherapy) attempts to address the illnesses, or injuries that limit a person's abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives

ECG :- An ECG records the electrical activity of the heart. The heart produces tiny electrical impulses which spread through the heart muscle to make the heart contract.

Ambulance:- Indrani Hospital has Ambulance Services available round the clock.We have well equipped ACLS and BLS ambulances, designed to meet the clinical needs of the patients.

Laboratory:-The laboratory services at Indrani hospital comprises a reference diagnostic clinical laboratory.

X Ray Service:- The test is done in a hospital radiology department or in the health care provider's office.

Deluxe,A.C., Private Rooms & Economy Beds

Indrani hospital is committed towards delivering quality healthcare and ensuring the best outcomes for our patients.

We Provide Single A/C room, storage & Locker facilities in the room, Cable TV, Sofa cum bed for one companion.

A Private Room comes with all the facilities of a semi-private room, but has added privacy as it accommodates only one person.


Many a times you run to the nearest ATM and withdraw money to get your family member admitted in a hospital. Cashless hospitalization is a service that is designed to avoid those tensed moments during hospitalization. All the medical bills are directly settled by the insurance company, provided the amount doesn't exceed the sum assured. There's just one catch to a cashless mediclaim policy, it can only be availed in network hospitals.

Cashless hospitalization is proving to be beneficial for users, especially in emergency situations as a seriously ailing patient may not be able to arrange money before being treated. In addition, it is also very likely that he does not know many people in the city.