The Department of Diagnostics-Laboratory-Medicine at Indrani Hospital aims at enhancing prevention, treatment & cure through research & innovative clinical programs for treating patients. We provide investigations in areas of Haematology, Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry & Microbiology. We have received NABL accreditation – establishing International standards in procedures & quality control. Our multi-disciplinary team works 24 hours a day with an emphasis on accuracy, precision, reproducibility & timely reporting.

The Haematology section is equipped with automated cell counter. Here we deal with various blood tests, detection of parasites in the blood, rapid malaria test, and detection of abnormal hemoglobin, detection of blood-clotting system defects & numerical and morphological counting of the blood cells among others.

A wide range of investigations in Serum chemistry, Hormonal assays &other specialized chemistry is done here using fully automatic analyzers.

The laboratory carries out various tests for urine, stool & body fluid analysis such as a spinal, synovial & pleural fluid. In addition, microscopic detection of red cells, pus cells, ova or parasites &chemical examinations are also done.

This section is responsible for bacterial and fungal culture from appropriate sample from patients and providing reports of identification and antibiotic susceptibility. This section deals with the isolation and identification of infectious agents like Bacteria and Fungi. Sensitivity testing i.e. finding an appropriate antibiotic for patients is also carried out. Specimens such as pus, urine, stools, sputum, pleural and peritoneal fluids, cerebral spinal fluid, throat, ear, nose, urethral swabs and so on are sent to the laboratory for culture and sensitivity. Sputum Smears for Tuberculosis as well as culture are performed in special safety cabinets. Serological Diagnosis of diseases, where the culture is negative are also performed.